I found this cute candy balloon when the event has already ended.
With the ever gorgeous and approachable Jasmin Curtis-Smith. 'Dyosang-dyosa talaga like her ate ann'.
With the cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa. Though its an fashion prom attire, she always rather wear her cosplay suits.
With the ever handsome and talented Elmo Magalona. That time the event was already ended. That is why I'm already haggard sorry for the face. Me and my friend tried to cross the way to a lot of person wanting to have a picture with him. Luckily, I've got a photo with him.
Krissy Villongco is one of my favorite singer since they release their songs like '12:51' that song is really good same with her voice.
Ericka is the sister of krissy they are both tandem in singing a lot of songs. They are one of the acoustic youtube sensation.
With My inspiration through fashion Vernice Enciso. She was like barbie though she also loved barbie. You can also notice with her fashion looks that she really wanted to be a barbie, thats so girly. She is really nice.
With Vern Enciso. She is the sister of verniece, they both loved fashion and blogging.
With Linn Oymo.
With Janeena Chan.
I adore so much her dip dye hair, its an ombre style. With Reese Lansangan.
With Lexi Gancayco and Danika Navarro.
I dont know what his name but his one of the eat bulaga family.
With Gela, The whisper commercial girl.
Hug for my crush Anjo Damiles.
With Anjo Damiles. My candy cutie crush. He so handsome and nice. It makes me 'kilig' specially when I look at him or his picture rather :')
Super Hug for L.A Aguinaldo.
With the ever handsome L.A Aguinaldo.
Super hug for Maqui Castelo.
With the ever 'sarap kausap' and handsome Hiro Magalona. He is an actor on the t.v series 'Tween Hearts'.  When we talk to him he is really very nice and approachable. It was like 'Ang sarap kausap parang tropa lang'.
With Wryan Chua. He is such a cutie.
With Alexander Diaz. Awarded as 'Most Candy Cutie Stylish'.
With Josh Padilla.
With Emil Khodaverdi.
With The Candy Cuties.
With the whisper endorsers.
When we are still in the line waiting for the candy event to start. Someone talk to me and ask for a favor If it is okay for me to be interviewed by them of some candy questions. Actually, I was'nt able to answer their question right away and that time I was mental blocked.
With Carvey Samonte.
With the newbie friend Ymara Yap.

Candy Style Awards Venue.
With Gino and Jasmin Curtis Hosting for the event.
Krissy Villong and Ericka Villongco had their intermission number.
Lauren Young and Megan Young giving the awards.
Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene for the 2012 candy besties.
Laureen Uy giving the awards to Julia Barretto.
Myrtle and Yves giving the award for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla for the 2013 candy couple.
A lot of girls in the event got sad when daniel did'nt come for the awarding. He was on bohol. But he promised in the VTR that in the next candy style awards he will come.
Elmo Magalona performing on stage.
 Candy events has been a part of my life since I attended it. I really  loved how they run the whole event. All things that happened their is worth it because you can found the fun and excitement that you've been waiting for. Candy Magazine is dedicated to all the pinay girls who wanted to have fun through their look and fashion. That event is really good most especially when you met a lot of people their that you've not been expected. Theirs a lot of celebrities, candy cuties and candy girls. The theme of this years candy event is really great because it is 'Prom Pretty Attire' Classy Right? So, it is so perfect to all the ladies out there who wants to have a very fashionable and fun night. See you at next event!

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