Summer is here already. It means that more ladies with few layers are out and about.  Since, I’m preparing for our family beach trip real soon. I want to make sure that I’ll going to have the best and trendiest swimmies on our trip. While, I’m looking for a swimsuit I discovered a site that offers everything not only swimsuit or beach clothes from Dress Venus. They’re also selling gowns, dresses, accessories, bag, shoes, tops, bottoms and more. I love these one piece swim suit because of their awesome prints that will totally going to rock their entire look at the beach.

Every woman should have a white dress in there closet. Especially it’s summer. White dress will served as the basis of their entire outfit. Plus the fact that, summer is the hottest season that we can experience. That’s why we need to wear clothes that are light and relaxing in the eyes. They say that floral is the main theme of summer. Most of the time people loved to wear floral. I just loved how the bottom overflows like a balloon type. It’s so chic and sexy. Lastly, the LBD also know as Little Black Dress is a must have on your closet. I loved how the see-through effect gave a blast to the whole dress. Now that’s a simply sophisticated look. These dress are from Dress Venus.

There’s a saying- A good pair shoes will take you to good places. I guess it a metaphor. If you’re looking for a shoes, that fits your style. I would suggest this site to you – Dress Venus. They have plenty of selections.  The quality of their product are great and the price is so affordable, believe me and you won’t regret buying from Dress Venus.

For other stuffs, Dress Venus is also selling items like hats, bag from travels, summery shorts and accessories for the beach. Please Visit DressVenus.com for more selections. Happy Shopping!
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I never expected to see and meet you personally. You’re that person who made me realized that I can turn my dreams into reality. I want to be like you someday. You’re such an amazing person. Your talent and beauty is as closed to perfection. I hope that my dreams of becoming a stylist won’t be that farfetched. I’m incredibly grateful for the book sign and photo. I literally cannot wait for me to be stylized. Thank you for the inspiring thoughts in your book. You’re seriously the best  - Stylist Liz Uy.

“The essence of fashion is comfort before style”. I quote on behalf of Laureen Uy as a message to her fans and readers. Thank you for the photo! You’re still that kind hearted and approachable person I knew a few months ago. You’re my second idol next to your sister- Liz. You’ve helped a lot of people, not just me, when it comes to fashion sense. You’ve upgraded other people’s looks and how they dress up. Thank you  - Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy.

If it wasn’t for you, my dream of meeting my inspiration – Stylist Liz Uy, would still be an ungranted wish. Thank you for helping her to become a stylist. Maybe, if it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t be a BEST STYLIST IN THE PHILIPPINES. Thank you - Vince Uy.
Selfie with - Laureen, Liz & Their Mom Nette Uy.

I don’t usually love reading books or buying it but when I heard that Liz Uy will be having her own book. I definitely got excited to have and own it. Stylized book is all about having your own style with a guide by this book. I learned in this book that you don’t need to buy expensive clothes because you can have your own style in a most elegant way. Through this book, you can have a basic, classic, simply sophisticated, minimalist, edgy, versatile outfit and more.  Also, this book will guide you on how to wear pieces in a very appropriate way that fits your taste. This book contains fashion essentials, tips and styling guide in wearing pieces. Liz Uy style advocate story revolves around her belief that “One’s personal style should always make a statement, and that one’s accessories should go way beyond being just a decorative piece, possessing a story and life of its own”. I’m also happy to see the UY siblings. They really gave a big contribution in the fashion industry. They’re definitely the best! Lastly, one of the country’s best stylist is none other than- Liz Uy.
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